Thursday, May 30, 2013

Progression of Vanitas Piece

And the Smiling Crocodile Laughed as He Exclaimed That Your Time is Almost Up
acrylic on wood
18 inches by 24 inches
May 2013

The above is the progression of my piece for the Vanitas Feature Exhibit at Kaleid Gallery.
I've been working on this piece extensively for the last month and am very happy 
with the finished work. Although this is obviously a contemporary group art show, 
the idea of vanitas is centuries old and I decided I wanted to take a more traditional approach to the subject. I painted the work from a photograph I took of stuff I had 
laying around my room, which I thought fit the theme well. 

Vanitas at Kaleid Gallery

And the Smiling Crocodile Laughed as He Exclaimed That Your Time is Almost Up
acrylic on wood
18 inches by 24 inches
May 2013

From Kaleid Gallery Vanitas Feature Exhibit:

"KALEID Gallery is proud to present VANITAS.
Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas. ~ Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.
A Vanitas is a work of art based on the idea of the transience of human existence and the knowledge that all has it’s end.  They have been common throughout the history of art, sometimes incredibly morbid with a sharp focus on death, others with obscured meaning hidden beneath a veneer of beauty.  KALEID presents over 40 artists and their contemporary interpretation of the classic theme VANITAS."

Artists’ Reception:
Friday, June 7, 2013  7-11pm
part of the South First Fridays Art Walk in downtown San Jose

Participating Artists:
Albert Almondia
Fernando Amaro
Lucy Amador
Shannon Amidon
Erica Atreya
Deb Barba
Mariana Barnes
Julie Barrett
Lisa Benham
Sandi Billingsley
Mike Borja
Lacey Bryant
Nicolas Caesar
Vanessa Callanta
Kim Christman
Brandy Damian
Matt Deterior
Michael Foley
Monica Gonzalez
Michele Guieu
Jeff Hemming
Leah Jay
Oscar Knutsson
John Landry
Lucy Liew
Mariya Milovidova
Marcos Montes
John Paulson
Joe Perea
Archil Pichkhadze
James Pollard
Al Preciado
Steven Reece
Jenifer Renzel
Drew Roulette
Valerie Runningwolf
Karen Carlo Salinger
Miha Sarani
Steven Suiter
Kori Thompson
Victoria Vaz
Michelle Waters
Dorothy Whitman
Exhibition dates: June 7–July 20, 2013

Deep-Seated at DDEF Gallery

Flyer by Erica Atreya

"Chronic pain, mental illness, addiction, all subjects that no one wants to talk about 
but all of us have experienced, if not ourselves but a parent, sibling, spouse or friend. 
Deep-seated is a chance to bring this taboo subject to the surface 
and to our hands to create something powerful without saying a word.
Please join us for an evening of viewing the creations 
of some amazingly talented local artist.
Free to the public, plenty of parking, Bar, great music by local DJ!"

Creations by: Erica Atreya, Anthony Barbaria, Julie Barrett Bilyeu,
Vanessa Callanta, Kim Christman, Oscar Lars,
Rene Lorraine, Mark Martinez, JoJo Perea, Kristen Pollock.

Saturday, June 1st 
8:00pm - Midnight

DDEF Gallery 
395 East Taylor Street 
San Jose, CA
(Gordon Biersch Brewery parking lot)

I will have the two pieces below in the show, both acrylic on canvas.
Hope to see you there!