Sunday, March 31, 2013

Legion of Honor

This past Saturday I went up to the Palace of the Legion of Honor with my friends, Oscar and Myles, and my husband, Bryan. I've been to the Legion of Honor before and I love this museum. It has a fantastic permanent collection, wonderful exhibits, and is situated in Lincoln Park which has a beautiful view of the San Francisco bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Here, Oscar and I are posed in front of a copy of the wonderful Laocoon statue. The original statue was a Greek sculpture of the Hellenistic period, found incomplete. The arm extended upward is a modern restoration addition. The fig leaf that Oscar is pointing to is also a later addition (the original, of course, being nude). I love this sculpture and I love the story behind it (if you have time, look it up, it has to do with the Trojan War). Thanks, Professor Thickpenny, for sending our class to the Legion of Honor for our paper assignment. :) 

Also, for any of those interested in visiting the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, you gain general, same day admission to the de Young Museum (nearby and also worth the visit). Please visit the links below for more information:

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